My teabreak – try now!

Had a tiring day?

Take a break! Take a deep breath and enjoy a moment to yourself!

To ensure your tea break is a delicious and beneficial time out from your day, our Teabreak ingredients have been carefully selected, perfectly matched with each other and packaged in pyramid bags that allow the flavours of the teas and all their different nuances to be fully released in the best possible way.


The secret to the flavour

Teabreak represents an innovative concept that combines enjoyment and practicality – because its large pyramid tea bags allow the flavours of the teas to reveal their full potential.

Real tea enjoyment

Our exquisite flavours

What does the perfect time out taste like? How about these delightful varieties?

The pyramid tea bag

Discover. Release. Enjoy.

When hot water is poured onto the tea leaves, the herbs and the large pieces of fruit in our Teabreak teas, they swell.

The flavours and aromas then reveal their full potential. As the pyramids have ample space inside them and are made from a very fine material, they ultimately offer complete tea enjoyment.